Micovit Detergente Liquido 250ml

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Micovit Detergente Liquido 250ml


MICOVIT Liquid Soap assures deep-down hygiene and cleansing of the skin thanks to the properties of the innovative mix of Tea TriX® essential oils. The addition of Grapefruit seed offers protection from the aggressions of external agents respecting and re-equilibrating the normal hydro-lipidic film of the epidermis. It is also indicated for sensitive and delicate skin types and leaves the skin soft, silky and pleasantly fresh.


Mix of Tea TriX® essential oils (Melaleuca alternifolia, cajeput, niaouly) 1,3%, Lemon balm ext. 0.1%, Myrrh ext. 0.1%, Grapefruit seed ext. 0.1%.

How to use

Combine the cleanser with some water and work up a smooth lather, then cleanse and rinse thoroughly.