Micovit Doccia Shampoo 200ml

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Micovit Doccia Shampoo 200ml


MICOVIT SHOWER SOAP is a product rich in ingredients useful for personal hygiene and for the cleansing of skin and hair. It helps to re-equilibrate the hydro-lipidic mantle and supplies elements which nourish the skin. The exclusive Tea TriX® essential oil mix performs a purifying action which has a re-equilibrating effect on the skin and hair.


Mix of Tea TriX® essential oils (melaleuca alternifolia, cajeput, niaouly) 0.8%, Lemon balm ext. 0.1%, Myrrh ext. 0.1%, Grapefruit seed ext. 0.1%.

How to use

Wet skin and hair, apply a small amount of product, massage and rinse.