Micovit Gel Detergente Viso 150ml

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Micovit Gel Detergente Viso 150ml


MICOVIT FACIAL CLEANSER is a soft and fresh gel, rich in vegetal principles ideal for the daily cleansing of your face, even for the most demanding skin types. It allows a delicate cleansing and contributes to re-equilibrate the skin’s natural functions, preserving a correct hydro-lipidic equilibrium.


Alpha-hydroxide acids complex 0.5%, Mix of Tea TriX® essential oils (melaleuca alternifolia, cayeput, niaouly) 0.45%, Lemon balm ext. 0.1%, Grapefruit seed ext. 0.1%.

How to use

Moisten the skin, apply a small amount of product, massage delicately and rinse thoroughly.