Olio Aliment. Cocco 100ml

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Olio Aliment. Cocco 100ml


From the pulp of Coconut, through a cold extraction process without solvents, it is obtained a solid oil at room temperature, rich in medium-chain fatty acids that are a source of highly available energy and easy to absorb. It is an excellent anti-fatigue and anti-stres and promotes the health of skin and hair also for external use.


Active ingredients in 2 teaspoons: Coconut oil 3,99 g, Vitamin E 10 mg.

How to use

we recommend taking 2 teaspoons a day to take it pure or use it to prepare hot or cold dishes. For cosmetic use, apply with a suitable massage until it is completely absorbed. For use on hair: add using a hair wrap and leave in place for 15 minutes before shampooing.