Olio Aliment. Mucillagine Malva 150ml

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Olio Aliment. Mucillagine Malva 150ml


From the leaves of Mallow, thanks to a process of cold maceration in water, it is obtained a precious mucilage, known for its emollient and soothing action on the digestive system, on the urinary tract and on the oropharyngeal mucosa. Moreover, it helps the regularity of intestinal movements and the fluidity of bronchial secretions. It is indicated also for external use as moisturizing, soothing and emollient.


Active ingredients in 10 ml: Mallow leaves aqueous macerated extract 9,99 g.

How to use

the recommended dosage is 1 tablespoon a day on its own, or diluting it in half a cup of water or other liquids. For cosmetic use, apply with a suitable massage until it is completely absorbed.