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Phyto Notte Estratto Analcolico 50ml

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Phyto Notte Estratto Analcolico 50ml


Alcohol-free formula, suitable for the whole family, with titrated dry extracts re-suspended in glycerin. Easy to dose to meet individual needs, it promotes relaxation and improves sleep latency and quality without causing confusion or dizziness. It is also suitable for children.


Active ingredients in 30 drops: Chamomile flower dry ext. 60 mg 0.3% apigenin, Escholtzia aerial parts dry ext. 60 mg 0.2% Protopine, Whitethorn leaf and flower dry ext. 36 mg 1% Vitexin, Passionflower aerial parts dry ext. 36 mg 2% Vitexin, Valerian root dry ext. 30 mg 0.4% Valerianic acid, Lemon balm leaf dry ext. 24 mg 4% Rosemarinic acid, Lime inflorescence dry ext. 24 mg 1% Rutin.

How to use

15-30 drops a day during the evening before going to bed.