Solari Desert Flower Viso Antimacchia SPF 30 50ml

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Solari Desert Flower Viso Antimacchia SPF 30 50ml


Nourishing and protective formula that actively counteracts the damage caused by photoaging, improves skin tone and limits the appearance of dark skin spots. The combination of photostable filters, Smithsonite and Goji extract provides broad-spectrum protection from UVA/UVB radiation, while the stain-resistant complex perfects the complexion to maintain a bright and uniform complexion throughout the year.


anti-spot complex, Smithsonite extract, organic Shea butter, Liquorice-derived dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, Goji Berry extract, Panthenol.

How to use

apply evenly to the skin with a gentle massage before exposure to the sun or UV lamps. It is advisable to repeat the application every two hours in case of prolonged exposure and after long baths at sea.