Top Line 60 cpr

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Top Line 60 cpr


It’s a dietary supplement that promotes the mobilization and disposal of fatty deposits without reducing muscle mass but increasing energy. It regulates sugar absorption in the intestine, it reduces triglyceride synthesis and maintains the control of the sense of hunger inducing a feeling of satiety.


Active ingredients in 3 tablets: Garcinia fruit dry ext. 600 mg 60% citric hydroxide, Bitter orange immature fruit dry ext. 405 mg 6% synephrine, L-Phenylalanine 300 mg, Gymnema leaves dry ext. 150 mg 25% gymnemic acid, Yerba mate leaves dry ext. 150 mg 4% caffeine, Wakame dry ext. 30 mg 10% Fucoxanthin, Chromium picolinated (Chromium 150 mcg).

How to use

the recommended daily dosage is of 3 tablets a day.