Ultra Tan Salvietta Autoabbronz. 10bs

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Ultra Tan Salvietta Autoabbronz. 10bs


In one simple move, a soft and moisturising Ultra Tan wipe ensures a lovely, even, natural and long-lasting amber colour. This product is a real resource for anyone who cannot risk sun exposure, wants to rapidly tan without prolonged sun exposure, wishes to stay tan longer and wants to hide any defects such as wrinkles or white spots. It can be conveniently slipped into any small purse. Application time is quick and it does not stain or stick.


Aloe vera gel, Raspberry extr.

How to use

for optimal results, before applying Ultra Tan use a scrubbing product on the surfaces in question. Apply on the face and make sure to distribute the product evenly. Wait 10-15 minutes for the skin to dry completely before applying any makeup.