Aqua Reduce Liquido 500ml

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Aqua Reduce Liquido 500ml


Combination of various vegetal extracts always known for their draining properties: Green Tea, Orthosiphon, Horsetail, Hawkweed, Birch Tree, Couchgrass and Cherry. Diluted in water, it is a pleasant drink useful to eliminate toxins, excess fluids and it supports the energy metabolism by counteracting free radicals.


Active ingredients in 15 ml: Apple juice, Elder juice, Green tea leaves dry extract 160 mg 40% Polyphenols, Orthosiphon leaves dry extract 135 mg 10%, Sinensetin, Horsetail aerial parts dry exctract 90 mg 2% Silica, Hawkweed plant dry extract 72 mg 1% Vitexin, Birch leaves dry extract 60 mg 2,5% Hyperosides, Couchgrass rootstock dry extract 60 mg, Cherry pedicle dry extract 60 mg.

How to use

it is suggested the intake of 15 ml (1 measuring cup) a day to be diluted into 500 ml of water, to drink preferably during the morning.