ArthroCaril Collagene Jump 14 Buste

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ArthroCaril Collagene Jump 14 Buste


Concentrated formulation with 5 g of type-I and type-II hydrolysed collagen in combination with a mix of active ingredients aimed at the well-being of joints and bones. It is enriched with Vitamin C to support collagen formation and cartilage function and with Aquamin®, a highly bioavailable multi mineral plant source that favors bone tissue trophism and counteracts demineralization.


Functional ingredients in 1 sachet: type I hydrolysed Collagen powder 4950 mg, Glucosamine 500 mg, Vitamin C 80 mg, Cartidyss™ type II hydrolysed collagen from fish cartilage 80 mg tit. 62% Collagen, Bamboo dry ext. tit. 50 mg 70% Silica, Aquamin®- Lithothamnium calcareum thallus powder 50 mg, ExceptionHYAL® Jump - Sodium hyaluronate 40 mg. Total Collagen 5 g.

How to use

1 sachet daily to be diluted in a glass of water, preferably on an empty stomach.