Aqua Reduce 60cpr

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Aqua Reduce 60cpr


Dietary supplement with vegetal extracts of Birch, Hawkweed, Bearberry, Ortosifon, Couch grass and Dandelion, enriched with potassium that promotes diuresis, restoring all the minerals.


Active ingredients in 3 tablets: Potassium phosphate (Potassium 300 mg), Birch leaf ext. 225 mg 2,5% Iperoside, Orthosiphon leaf ext. 210 mg 0,1% Sinensetine, Hawkweed leaf ext. 210 mg 0,4% Vitexine, Bearberry leaf ext. 210 mg 10% Arbutin, Powdered couch grass root ext. 195 mg, Dandelion root ext. 180 mg.

How to use

The recommended dosage is of 3 tablets a day with a lot of water, better in the morning before eating. Drink al least 1 liter of water per day.