Bilepa 500ml

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Bilepa 500ml


Dietary supplement with plant extracts handed down from traditional phytotherapy, able to stimulate physiological liver and bowel functions, promoting the elimination of toxins.


Active ingredients in 20 ml: Pineapple fruit juice 3,4 g, Aloe vera leaf juice 2,3 g, Prugne fruit juice 1,2 g, Magnesium 90 mg, White oak bark fluid extract 80 mg, Common mullein flowers f.e. 80 mg, Licorice root f.e. 80 mg, Milk thistle fruit f.e. 80 mg, Marshmallow root f.e. 80 mg, Boldo leaf f.e. 80 mg, Great Yellow Gentian root f.e. 80 mg, Greater burdock root f.e. 80 mg, Rosemary leaf f.e. 80 mg, Elecampane root f.e. 80 mg, Meadowsweet flowers and leaves f.e. 80 mg, Turmeric rhizome f.e. 80 mg, Chicory root f.e. 80 mg, Dandelion root f.e. 80 mg, Vitamin C 60 mg, Schisandra chinensis fruit f.e. 40 mg, White horehound hilltop flowers f.e. 20 mg, Kinkeliba leaf f.e. 20 mg, Skullcap entire plant f.e. 20 mg, Wild yam root d.e. 20 mg 6% Diosgenin, Horseradish root d.e. 20 mg, Vitamin E 10 mg, Arginine 10 mg, Ornithine 10 mg, Alpha lipoic acid 10 mg, Beta carotene 5 mg, Vitamin B6 2 mg, Copper 168 mcg, Selenium 55 mcg, Vitamin B2 1,2 mg, Vitamin B12 1 mcg.

How to use

Take 2 small measures of 10 ml (20 ml) before main meals. It can be taken either pure or diluted in water or fruit juice.