Cardo Complex Depur Epa 500ml

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Cardo Complex Depur Epa 500ml


Super-concentrated treatment that supports liver purification from fats and toxins, helping to relieve, regenerate and stimulate liver function. It promotes also digestive function and protects the liver from harmful substances, improving general health. It’s optimal after prolonged intake of drugs, food abuse and stress.


Functional ingredients in 20 ml: Concentrated apple juice, Choline bitartrate (Choline 100 mg), Artichoke leaves dry ext. 140 mg tit. 2.5% in Chlorogenic acid, Milk thistle fruits dry ext. 116,7 mg tit. 2% Silymarin, Taurine 100 mg, Golden Chamomile grass dry ext. 90 mg, Phyllanthus herb dry ext. 80 mg tit. 15% Tanninis, Salpan leaves dry ext. 80 mg tit. 0.5% flavonoids, Milk thistle fruits dry ext. 43,3 mg tit. 80% Silymarin. Total Milk thistle 160 mg of which 36,97 mg of Silymarin.

How to use

it is recommended taking 10 ml for the first treatment week and 20 ml for the three following weeks, pure or diluted in some water, preferably in the morning with no food.