Cardo Complex Plus 40cps

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Cardo Complex Plus 40cps


From the seeds of the milk thistle it is obtained silymarin, an antioxidant with strong hepatoprotective properties. CARDO COMPLEX helps to protect the liver ensuring a normal liver function, it promotes deep depuration and it supports the organic renewal of the “ground”, restoring health and vitality.


Active ingredients in 2 capsules: milk thistle fuits dry extract 160 mg 80% silymarin, Turmeric rootstock dry extract 140 mg 4% Curcumin, Boldo leaves dry extract 100 mg 0.05% Boldine, Schisandra fruit dry extract 100 mg 1% Schisandrin, Desmodium leaves powder 80 mg, Artichoke leaves dry extract 80 mg 2.5% Chlorogenic Acid.

How to use

2 pills per day, to be taken with a bit of water preferably in the morning with no food.