Breast Up Crema 150ml

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Breast Up Crema 150ml


Soft and tender, this cream gel restores firmness and turgidity, making your breast naturally firmer and more harmonious without any side effect. Highly nourishing and hydrating, it counteracts skin sagging, leaving a soft and velvety skin for a first-class breast. Particularly useful at the end of breastfeeding, after a diet, with saggy breast, and each time you desire enhancing your femininity.


firming complex Dermotenseur composed by Kigelia Africana and by Quillaja saponaria 2%, Distilled Orange Flower water 3%, extracts of: Greek hay 2%, Hops 2%, White Lily 2%, Fennel 2%, Helichrysum 2%, Rose-hip 1%, Galega 1%; Soy oil 2%, Hemp oil 1%.

How to use

lightly smooth on skin in the morning and in the evening, from the inside to the outside, avoiding the nipple zone, with a delicate a gentle massage up to the neck.