Breast Up Integratore 60 cps

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Breast Up Integratore 60 cps


Dietary supplement with pollen and 16 selected vegetal extracts that help to make the female breast firmer, fuller and lifted. Thanks to its nourishing and stimulating properties it promotes firmness of the breast, it improves skin microcirculation and it preserves the youthfulness of the skin, keeping plasticity and tone of the tissues.


Active ingredients in 6 capsules: Powdered fenugreek seeds 337.5 mg, Powdered fennel fruit 277.5 mg, Goat’s rue aerial parts ext. 247.5 mg, Powdered elder flowers 217.5 mg, Hop inflorescences ext. 217.5 mg, Nettle root ext. 157.5 mg, Equisetum aerial parts ext. 157.5 mg, Vervain leaves ext. 157.5 mg, Powdered pollen 157.5 mg, Powdered parsley leaves 157.5 mg, Powdered halzelnut fruit 79.5 mg, Powdered buckwheat fruit 67.5 mg, Powdered oat summitas 52.5 mg, Soy protein 33.7 mg, Powdered maize stigma 37.5 mg, Powdered barley seeds 37.5 mg, Wheat germ oil 3 mg.

How to use

dosage is of 4/6 capsules a day taken with a large glass of water.