Candiphilus 60cpr

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Candiphilus 60cpr


Exclusive formula with plant extracts that control the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms by changing the biological background and inhibiting their reproduction. In association with a healthy diet, it helps restore the intestinal flora and supports the functioning of the urinary system.


Active ingredients in 3 tablets: Tabebuia bark dry extract 396 mg 3% Naphthoquinones, Taraxacum root powder 297 mg, Cat’s claw bark powder 165 mg, grapefruit seed dry extract 165 mg 10% Bioflavonoids, Zinc gluconate (Zinc 12,5 mg), Uva ursi leaf dry extract 99 mg 20% Arbutin, Lactobacillus acidophilus 1,5 milliard of U.F.C. , Selenium yeast (Selenium 54 mcg), Calcium pantothenate 6.9 mg, Vitamin B6 2.19 mg, Vitamin B2 1.68 mg, Vitamin B1 1.5 mg, Beta-carotene 1.5 mg, Biotin 198 mcg.

How to use

take 2-3 tablets a day with a little water.