Fiale Apiquattro + 1 10 Flaconcini 10ml

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Fiale Apiquattro + 1 10 Flaconcini 10ml


Oral liquid formula in vials with restorative and energizing action. The product has been conceived to take advantage of the healthy proprieties of honey, Ginseng, Acerola, royal jelly and Cod liver oil. Its beneficial properties are manifested quickly, right from the first dose.


Functional ingredients: Honey 9 g, Lyophilized royal jelly 350 mg, Eleutherococcus root dry ext. 82,5 mg, Acerola fruits dry ext. 82,5 mg, Cod liver oil 14 mg.

How to use

Recommended dosage is of 10 ml (1 phial) a day diluted in a glass of water.