Nutra Junior Int.Defence Biotic 150ml

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Nutra Junior Int.Defence Biotic 150ml


NUTRA JUNIOR DEFENS BIOTIC is a dietary supplement with Dog-rose, Astragalus, Echinacea, Tabebuja and grapefruit seed extract. It promotes the body’s natural defenses and is useful especially during the winter season, when also children are more disposed to disorders that affect the upper airway.


Functional ingredients in 10 ml: Dog rose fruit dry ext. 85,8 mg tit. 70% Vitamin C, Astragalus root dry ext. 70 mg tit. 70% Polysaccharides, Coneflower root dry ext. 50 mg tit. 4% Echinacoside - 20% Polysaccharides, Tabebuia bark dry ext. 50 mg tit. 3% Naftochinones, Grapefruit seeds glyceric ext. 30 mg.

How to use

take 1 tablespoon (10 ml) per day as is, or diluted in water or other drink.