Nutra Junior Cosm.Bagno-Shampoo2in1 200m

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Nutra Junior Cosm.Bagno-Shampoo2in1 200m


It is perfect for cleansing newborn’s and children’s body, face and hair, preserving the natural physiologic pH respecting the skin which has not fully developed yet its defensive skills. It leaves the skin soft, hydrated and slightly perfumed. It does not irritate the eyes.


Functional ingredients: Aloe vera* 10%, Rice protein hydrolyzate 3%, Chamomile extract* 0,5%, Marigolod extract* 0,5%. *Raw materials of biologic origin

How to use

moisten your baby’s skin and apply a small quantity of product, diluted with some lukewarm water or directly in the baby’s bath. Rinse out.