Nutra Junior Int.PropolDefens Gocce 50ml

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Nutra Junior Int.PropolDefens Gocce 50ml


NUTRA JUNIOR PROPOL DEFENCE is a dietary supplement with propolis and vegetal extracts that have always been used for their beneficial effects to support the physiological defenses and the health of the oral cavity, useful especially during the cold weather. It doesn’t contains alcohol.


Functional ingredients in 45 drops: Acerola fruit dry ext. 180 mg tit. 50% Vitamin C, Propolis dry ext. 120 mg tit. 2,5% total flavonoids, Licorice root dry ext. 45 mg, Blackcurrant leaves dry ext. 45 mg, Coneflower root dry ext. 37,5 mg tit. 4% Echinacoside.

How to use

take 10-30 drops per day with a bit of water or on a lump of sugar.