Detox: drain toxins to increase energy

Our organism comes every day into contact with potentially toxic substances, which must be inactivated in order to maintain the body’s balance.

What are toxins?

Toxin means a biological substance with an harmful action on living organisms. A toxin may originate from normal metabolic activities, or it could be bacterial, if produced by the gut microbiota; otherwise, it could be exogenous, if coming from outside the body, as environmental pollutants, heavy metals, preservatives, flavourings and food additives, drugs, solvents, smoking, alcohol… their accumulation in the tissues can interfere negatively with physiological cellular functions.

How are toxins eliminated?

In the course of evolution the human body has developed several mechanisms to ensure the disposal of waste substances. The excretory organs, that is skin, liver, kidneys, gut and lungs, work in synergy to effectively cleanse blood, lymph and connective tissues from endogenous substances. Some difficulties may arise in the case of xenobiotes, that is foreign substances. Anthropic chemical molecules can slow down the natural depurative processes and can make toxins accumulate in the body, if targeted detox treatments are absent.

Why is detox important?

In some situations the elimination of toxins fails to keep up with their entry: periods of stress, season changes, pharmacological treatments, unbalanced diets, intestinal dysbiosis. In these cases, the organism is able to buffer any imbalance only for a limited time. Fatigue, drowsiness, poor concentration, difficult digestion, halitosis, abdominal swelling, acne and/or susceptibility to infections indicate that the threshold level has been reached.

Key principles for a good detox

The activity of all the excretory organs is correlated and reciprocally limited: the slowing down of one of them can slow down all the detoxification processes upstream. To make the drainage of toxins and their purification work properly, it is necessary to simultaneously stimulate all the affected apparatuses, supporting them in their physiological functions and protecting them from a possible overload. In case of pathologies or pharmacological treatments in place, it is always preferable to rely on professional experts, who will be able to recommend specific and effective products.

Advantages of regular detox

A good purification increases the level of energy, mental clarity and readiness of reflexes; reactivates the basal metabolism and the ability to lose weight; balances the immune system; improves fatigue resistance and resilience, the ability to adapt to external elements. Discover the most suitable product for you among our proposals!