Age Reduce Crema Giorno 50ml

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Age Reduce Crema Giorno 50ml


Age-Reduce day cream reduces efficently deep visible wrinkles, leaving the skin moistened and supple, and restoring a youthful and relaxed look. The revolutionary Vegetal Filling Spheres with corn proteins act as a long-lasting natural filler, moisturing the superficial skin layers. Excellent before make-up.


UV-A and UV-B sun filters 5.6%, Shea butter 4.2%, Jojoba oil 2%, Sweet almond oil 1.8%, White tea extract 1%, Lactofil moist 1%, Phytaluronate from Ceratonia siliqua seeds 1%, Vegetal filling spheres with Corn proteins 1%, Oligoelements 0.5%, Oenothera oil 0.5%, allantoine 0.3%, Trehalose 0.2%.

How to use

apply every morning after cleanising, rubbing gently until completely absorbed.