Iriblue Struccante Occhi 100 ml

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Iriblue Struccante Occhi 100 ml


Iriblue, soothing and lenitive, allows a delicate but deep cleaning in full respect of the periocular skin physiology. The blue phase removes without irritating even waterproof make-up, and the transparent phase does a lenitive and decongesting phase. It leaves a radiant-looking skin, preserving the correct moisturizing and attenuating dark circles and bags under the eyes. Perfect for removing even the most resistant make-up from the lips.


Aloe vera extract 1.5%, Sisal extract 1.5%, Althea extract 1.5%.

How to use

shake before using; damp a wad of cotton-wool with the make-up remover, and gently press it firstly on the eyelid in order to remove the make-up, then on the eyelashes from the roots to the tips. Do not rinse.