Cell Reduce Drink&Dren Liquido 500ml

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Cell Reduce Drink&Dren Liquido 500ml


Dietary supplement with vegetal extracts of Birch, Corn, Dandelion, Sweet Clover, Juniper and Hawkweed that promote depuration of the body. It contributes to the physiological elimination of excess fluids, often responsible of skin imperfections. It has a pleasant taste and it can be diluted in a water bottle to take everywhere.


Active ingredients in 15 ml: Birch leaves dry extract 82.5 mg 2.5%, hyperoside, Corn stigmata dry extract 75 mg, Dandelion root dry extract 75 mg 2%, Inulin, Opuntia leale powder 75 mg, Gotu Kola leaves dry extract 57 mg 2%, Triterpens, Sweet clover herb with flowers dry extract 37.5 mg 1% Coumarin, Juniper seeds dry extract 30 mg, Hawkweed herb dry extract 30 mg 1% Vitexin.

How to use

it is suggested to take 15ml a day, to be diluted into 500ml of water, to drink preferably during the morning.