Cell Reduce Slim 40 CPS

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Cell Reduce Slim 40 CPS


Dietary supplement that counteracts the imperfections of cellulite also aimed at controlling overweight. It helps to burn fat deposits, strengthens the microcirculation and has a draining, anti-edema and anti-inflammatory action, with an overall improvement in the skin’s appearance and silhouette. With SelectSIEVE® Rainbow that has a clinically tested action.


Active ingredients in 2 capsules: SelectSIEVE® Rainbow 300 mg 50% Catechins and 5% Anthocyanins from [Rice seeds dry extract, Kiwi fruit powder, Sweet orange fruit dry extract, Pineapple stem dry extract], Green tea leaves dry extract 80 mg tit. 4% Polyphenols, Indian penny-wort leaves dry extract 50 mg Tit. 2% Triterpene derivatives.

How to use

we recommend taking 1 capsule before lunch and 1 capsule before dinner to be swallowed with water.