Aller Nutra 30cpr

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Aller Nutra 30cpr


ALLER NUTRA prepares the body for an appropriate response to allergic crises. It also promote the elimination of toxins and allergens, ensuring a rapid recovery and the general health of the body and assisting the immune system in the detoxification processes.


Active ingredients in 2 tablets: Perilla seeds dry ext. 100 mg titrated 2.5% polyphenols, Chlorella algae thallus powder 90 mg, Milk thistle fruit dry ext. 80 mg titrated 2% silimarin, Purple mangosteen fruits dry ext. 50 mg titrated 10% Mangostin, Helychrysum italicum summit dry ext. 50 mg, Scutellaria root dry ext. 50 mg titrated 30% baicalin, Adhatoda leaves dry ext. 50 mg titrated 0,5% Alkaloids.

How to use

take 1-2 table a day with plenty of water without food between meals.