Aller Nutra Gocce 50ml

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Aller Nutra Gocce 50ml


ALLER NUTRA is a dietary supplement with vegetal extracts that help to restore the natural balance of the immune system by promoting the physiological reduction of allergic episodes and related events. It helps to defend the body by the accumulation of allergens such as pollen, dust, pet dander, foods, nickel.


Active ingredients in 80 drops: Blackcurrant leaf dry ext. 225 mg, Alder bud m.g. 100 mg, Beech bud m.g. 100 mg, Adhatoda leaf dry ext. 90 mg titrated 0.5% Alkaloids, Mangosteen fruit pulp dry ext. 90 mg titrated 10% Mangostine, Algae chlorella powder 90 mg, Cat’s claw bark dry ext.45 mg titrated 3% Alkaloids, Chlorophyllin 12 mg.

How to use

The recommended dose is 40 drops for two times a day diluted un some water.