Asper Ci Ripresa Fast 10 bustine da 5gr

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Asper Ci Ripresa Fast 10 bustine da 5gr


A completely vegetable dietary supplement, based on Vitamin C and selected plant extracts, suitable to reduce the congestion and the discomfort induced by typical winter. It favours the well-being of nose and throat, it opposes to the irritation of the upper respiratory tract and it stimulates a fast recovery without compromising normal daily activities.


Active ingredients in 2 stick packs: Fructose, Propolis resin dry extract 300 mg 2.5% total Flavonoids, Elderberry fruits dry extract 300 mg 1% Anthocyanins, Liquorice root dry extract 200 mg 10% Glycyrrhizic Acid, Ginger rhizome dry extract 200 mg 5% Gingerols, Vitamin C 160 mg, Zinc citrate (Zinc 10 mg).

How to use

we recommend taking 1-2 sachets daily to be diluted in a glass of water both at room temperature and hot.