Apigola Miele Balsamico 250gr

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Apigola Miele Balsamico 250gr


APIGOLA is a balsamic eucalyptus honey with essential oils and extracts of plants known for their emollient, soothing and balsamic action. It has a gentle but effective balsamic power and for its quality and pleasantness is particularly well liked by children. It is ideal with a hot drink in winter season.


Active ingredients in 1 tablespoon: Honey 13,37 g, Marsh Mallow root hydr. Ext. 140 mg, Chamomile flowers hydr. Ext. 140 mg, Grindelia fluid extract 140 mg, Corn Poppy flowers fluid extract 140 mg, Mullein flowering plant fluid extract 140 mg, Mint Essential oil 14 mg, Anise Essential oil 14 mg, Eucalyptus Essential oil 14 mg, Mountain Pine Essential oil 14 mg, White Thyme Essential oil 14 mg.

How to use

it is recommended to take 1 tablespoon (14 g) of product per day to dissolve in milk or other hot drinks.