Asper Ci Complex 18cpr Efferv.

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Asper Ci Complex 18cpr Efferv.


A natural support of body defences, extremely useful to protect the wellbeing of the respiratory tract and to reduce muscular and articular pain that are usually associated to typical winter illnesses. Its ingredients exert a well-known immunostimulatory, antiviral and antibacterial action.


Active ingredients in 1 tablet: Vitamin C 120 mg, Cystine 100 mg, Zinc gluconate (Zinc 12,5 mg), Propolis dry ext. 21 mg 12% Galangin, Echinacea root dry ext. 21 mg 0.6% Echinacoside, Willow bark dry ext. 21 mg 15% Salicin, Feverfew aerial parts dry ext. 21 mg 0.1% Partenolide, Spirea flower and leaf dry ext. 17 mg 0.2% Salicylic acid, Glutathione 15 mg, Dog rose fruit dry ext. 4 mg 10% Vitamin C.

How to use

The recommended dosage is of 1 tablet dissolved in a half glass of water.