Gastro Reflu’ 20 Stick da 15ml

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Gastro Reflu’ 20 Stick da 15ml


Dietary supplement with extracts and vegetable sodium alginate which provides immediate relief to the stomach and protects the gastric mucosa limiting the contact with acid secretions. Practical pocket format ready for use to take to office, on vacation and always in handbag for emergencies. It is a pleasant solution to the natural lemon taste, without sugar, also recommended for children.


Active ingredients in 2 envelops: vegetal Sodium alginate, Marshmallow root dry extract 200 mg, Chamomile capitula dry extract 200 mg titrated 1.2% Apigenin, Chios putty resin dry extract 150 mg titrated 25% masticonic acids.

How to use

we recommend taking the product undiluted when needed or after lunch and before bedtime. Children aged 5-9 years : 12 sachet per day; Children aged 9-14 years: 1 sachet per day; Children over 14 years and adults : 1-2 sachets per day.