Marvinia Detergente Intimo 250ml

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Marvinia Detergente Intimo 250ml


Marvinia Detergent has been developed for a correct external personal hygiene. The special formula, based on vegetal extracts and grapefruit seeds, makes this a unique and irreplaceable product capable of resolving from the very first application several irritations. It maintains the natural equilibrium and defences of the skin by carrying out an emollient and soothing effect. Futhermore it gives an immediate sensation of well-being and freshness with a prolonged deoderising effect.


Extracts of Calendula 3%, Mallow 3%, Propolis 3%, Witch hazel 1%, Camomile 1%, Iceland moss 1%, Grapefruit seeds 0.5%.

How to use

Use normally as with other external personal hygiene detergents.