Propolnutra C Gola Masticabile 32cpr

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Propolnutra C Gola Masticabile 32cpr


Thanks to the combined action of propolis and selected vegetal extracts, chewable PROPOLNUTRA C GOLA produces pleasant balsamic vapors while slowly melt, providing a feeling of well-being that spreads throughout the mouth, creating a protective shield capable of countering typical problems due to the cold season.


Functional ingredients in 1 chewable-tablet: Propolis dry ext. 300 mg tit. 2,5% total flavonoids, Dogrose fruit dry ext. 50 mg tit. 10% Vitamin C, Echinacea purpurea grass dry ext. 45 mg tit. 4% Polyphenols, Mullein flower dry ext. 40 mg, Marshmallow root dry ext. 40 mg, Eucalyptus e.o. 5 mg, Mint e.o. 5 mg, Scotch pine e.o. 5 mg.

How to use

The recommended dosage is of 2-4 tablets a day as needed.