Daily Detox 200 ml

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Daily Detox 200 ml


Complete detox treatment rich in titrated plant extracts, able to stimulate the physiological activity of all the excretory organs with a simultaneous action on digestive system, liver metabolism, intestinal regularity, drainage of fluids, skin renewal. The addition of Chlorella algae promotes the chelation and elimination of metals and toxins.


Functional ingredients in 10 ml: Liquorice root d.e. 650 mg tit. 5,3% Glycyrrhizinic Acid, Chicory root d.e. 325 mg, Sacred bark d.e. 325 mg tit. 10% Cascarosides, Dandelion root d.e. 300 mg tit. 2% Inulin, Dock root h.e. 234 mg, Echinacea root d.e. 234 mg tit. 4% Echinacoside - 20% Polysaccharides, Cat’s Claw root and cortex d.e. 234 mg tit. 3% Alcaloids, Fennel fruit d.e. 169 mg tit. 0,05% essential oil, Artichoke leaves d.e. 130 mg tit. 2,5% Caffeoylquinic acids, Chlorella algae thallus pwd 130 mg, Burdock root h.e. 130 mg, Gentian root h.e. 130 mg, Noni fruit dried juice 104 mg, Coach grass root h.e. 65 mg, Bearberry leaves d.e. 65 mg tit. 10% Arbutin, Thistle fruit d.e. 65 mg tit. 2% Silimarin, Green Tea leaves d.e. 65 mg tit. 50% Catechins.

How to use

The recommended dosage is of 10 ml (one tablespoon) a day, diluted in 1 liter of water.