Echinutra C 20 Flaconcini Orali da 10ml

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Echinutra C 20 Flaconcini Orali da 10ml


ECHINUTRA C contains a high concentration of components always known because they can promote natural defenses, a very good help during the colder season. For its quality and pleasantness is suitable also for children.


Active ingredients in 1 vial: honey 3.8 g, Echinacea angustifolia root dry extract 245 mg 0,6% Echinacoside, Propolis dry extract 230 mg 2,5% Galangin, Wild rose 172 mg fruit dry extract 70% vitamin C, Uncaria bark dry extract 33.4 mg 3% Oxindole alkaloids.

How to use

1 vial per day are recommended.