Echinutra Extra+Forte 30cps

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Echinutra Extra+Forte 30cps


Dietary supplement that combines titrated dry extracts from two different species of Echinacea, Cat’s claw and Rosehips to promote the functionality of the immune system and to combat infections. This product can be taken both preventively, especially during cold/flu season, or to the need for the treatment of symptoms.


Active ingredients in 1 capsule: Echinacea root dry extract 70 mg 4% Echinacoside, Wild rose berry dry extract 64,3 mg 70% vitamin C, Echinacea root dry extract 50 mg 4% polyphenols, Uncaria bark dry extract 40 mg 3% Oxindole alkaloids.

How to use

1 capsule per day with a bit of water is recommended.