Micovit Emulgel Viso-Corpo 150ml

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Micovit Emulgel Viso-Corpo 150ml


It creates an immediate soothing and calming effect, combating minor irritations, redness and peeling. Gently cleanses the skin, reducing blemishes related to unclean skin, and promoting a rapid recovery of the optimal physiological balance of your skin, providing a pleasant relief from dryness or irritations caused by external agents, immobility or excessive sweating.


Aloe vera gel 10%, essential oil blend Tea TriX® (Melaleuca alternifolia, Cajeput, Niaouly) 1%, Grapefruit seed extract 0.2%, Myrrh extract 0.2%, Lemon balm extract 0.2%.

How to use

apply the product with a delicate massage until complete absorption.