Mucolid Protection 150ml

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Mucolid Protection 150ml


Liquid formula conceived to sustain in a natural way the functionality of the mucous of the throat, of the respiratory apparatus and of the digestive system: only one product for a wide range of different applications. The association of extract of Snail and extract of Mallow it quickly attenuates the sense of discomfort, it moisturizes the upper respiratory tract and it stimulates the fluidification of the bronchial secretions, offering an immediate relief against cough, cold, sore throat and reflux.


Functional ingredients: Snail Extract 5,3 g, Mallow leaves dry extract 0,6 g.

How to use

it is recommended to take two tablespoons per day (equivalent to 20 ml) taking the last administration, preferably before bedtime. To favour the fluidifying action of Mallow: take this product between meals. To support the soothing effect of Mallow on the digestive system and the oropharyngeal mucous: take after meals.