Propolnutra Spray Orale CE Class.2A 30ml

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Propolnutra Spray Orale CE Class.2A 30ml


Ready-to-use alcohol-free nasal spray useful to relieve and prevent throat infections. It protects and moisturizes the oral mucosa, reducing the symptoms correlated to oral cavity disorders (hoarseness, tingling, sore throat, burning and dryness), even in case of inflammatory diseases or exposure to external irritants (cold air, smoke, smog and particulates).


Functional ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, hydroglycerin extract of Propolis, hydroglycerin extract of Altea, glyceric extract of Echinacea, essential oil of Pine, essential oil of Melaleuca.

How to use

nebulize in the oral cavity 1-2 times. Repeat the application up to 3-4 times a day.