Propolnutra Tosse-Gola CE 20cpr Mastic.

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Propolnutra Tosse-Gola CE 20cpr Mastic.


Chewable balsamic tablets with Propolis, hyaluronic acid and vegetal extracts useful for calming coughs, for protecting from bacteria and irritants, and for relieving irritation of the oral cavity such as feeling of burning, dryness or sensitivity to swallowing which may be caused by infection, allergy, temperature changes, smoke, smog, dust, dryness of the mucosa. Gluten free – with no added sugar.


Functional ingredients: Aloe gel powder, Hyaluronic Acid, Propolis dry ext. tit.12% in Galangin, Marshmallow root dry ext., Mallow leaves dry ext., Eucalyptus e.o.

How to use

1 tablet 3/4 times a day to dissolve slowly in the mouth, as needed.