Sciroppo Balsamico Miele-Eucal.200ml

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Sciroppo Balsamico Miele-Eucal.200ml


SCIROPPO BALSAMICO FARMADERBE, formulated with Honey, Propolis and Eucalyptus is rich in extracts derived from plants well known for their important and beneficial properties, that help to counteract the typical disorders of the colder seasons. The plants used were carefully selected for their quality standards.


Active ingredients in 1 tablespoon: Honey 5.19 g, Marsh Mallow root hydroalcoholic extract 440 mg, Eucalyptus leaves hydroalcoholic extract 290 mg, thyme leaves hydroalcoholic extract 290 mg, Propolis hydroalcoholic extract 140 mg, Eucalyptus Essential oil 70 mg, Pine Essential oil 70 mg.

How to use

it is recommended to take 10 ml (1 tablespoon) per day pure or diluted in a little of water.