Micovit Polvere Dermica 100gr

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Micovit Polvere Dermica 100gr


MICOVIT POWDER is a talcum to use after a shower or bath which does not impede the regular skin transpiration. The exclusive mix of Tea Trix® essential oils purifies the skin and brings immediate relief to cases of localised skin irritations. It is an active treatment formulated for all skin types and stimulates the restoration of a normal dermal condition.


Absorbent micro-capsules 1%, Mix of Tea Trix® essential oils (melaleuca alternifolia, cayeput, niaouly) 0.9%, Grapefruit seed ext. 0.3%, Lemon balm ext. 0.1%, Myrrh ext. 0.1%,

How to use

Sprinkle the powder where necessary.